We base our business on our core belief

Wine is more than a drink, and as such, selling wine should be much more than a simple trade.

With a deep understanding of the culture that surrounds wine, we shine a light on the uniqueness of each wine we distribute. Starting from the process of production to the peculiarities of each grape variety and its terroir.

We also strive to introduce new varieties, new regions, and new winemaking achievements to the Serbian market:

In 2005 we established a partnership with Masciarelli, a winery from the Italian region of Abruzzo. Then followed a collaboration with the legendary Gaja winery in 2007, believed by many to be the best Italy has to offer. Tenuta San Guido, known for its premium Sassicaia wine, was onboarded in 2012. Distribution of Le Contesse‘s Prosseco began in 2013. Barone Ricasoli, from the prestigious Chianti Classico region, joined in 2019 and was followed by Siro Pacenti, whose 2015 Brunello Vecchie Vigne received the “Wine of the Year” award in 2019.

ENOTRIA also has strong partnerships with some of the most highly-regarded wineries and winemakers in Serbia, whose wines are a testament to the distinct characteristics of their respective regions.

We consider every wine to be special, carrying in itself a unique and exciting story written by its region, its soil, its variety, and the people that make it. The following pages will feature some of those stories, bringing you closer to the people that make the wines we know and love.

To help you find the perfect wine, each of the wines in our presentation is accompanied by an abundance of information, both technical and anecdotal. The only thing you have to do is choose.

The Ancient Greeks used the word Enotria, meaning “the land of wine,” to describe what we now know as Italy.

Let our ENOTRIA become your land of wine.