We deliver the ordered goods to you personally on the territory of Belgrade. The delivery price is 300 dinars for all buyers on the territory of Belgrade. For orders over 3,000 dinars, delivery is free. Delivery costs are added to the price of the product and are stated along with the price of the product and during the ordering process on the Website.

In case of replacement of goods, the costs of returning the goods are borne by the customer.

We may divide your order upon delivery into several parts depending on the availability and availability of the goods in stock (it may happen that it is in another store or warehouse). This will not incur any additional costs for the customer.

Delivery procedure

Shipment arrives at the address in a period of 1-2 working days. It is necessary to have a person at the address who can pick up the shipment during that period. The courier tries to deliver each shipment twice. If the courier does not find you at the address, he will call you on the phone you left when creating the purchase order and arrange a new delivery date. If he does not find you at the address a second time, the shipment will be returned to our premises.

When picking up the shipment, it is necessary to visually inspect the package, so that there is no accidental damage. If you notice that the transport box is significantly damaged and you suspect that the product may be damaged, you have the right to refuse to accept the shipment and immediately notify us by calling 011/212 0647, or via email office@enotria.rs. If the shipment looks undamaged, feel free to pick up the shipment and sign the courier’s address book.